A fun customizable game set in a crazy universe inhabited by antropomorphic
sea creatures.

To play you have to peruse the rules linked below. After that you need to press the download button and print the 4 files in the zip. For an animated presentation on how to play check out the link to our youtube video here: How to play JJFBG

If you would rather play a digital version, we've converted

the game to Tabletop Simulator as well, you can find the game in the TTS Steam workshop

We're still "only" in version v.0.9 so please forgive us if there are a few quirks in the rules :)

If you want to experience other aspects of the JAWGS universe you can follow us on Patreon here or Facebook here


Let's go fly!


The game was created as an example

"Use your interests or hobbies as a motivational factor"

The creators of JAWGS JET FIGHTER BOARD GAME are aeronautics nerds and love comic books. This exercise was a great way of combining those 2 things and attempts to synergize a whacky world of walking marine people with the highly technical world of aerial combat. In a near future we will hopefully be able to implement an augmented reality feature in the game.